Feelings Management Podcast

Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Life

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Feelings Management PodcastWelcome to the Feelings Management Podcast, hosted by the insightful Dr. Helen McKibben. In this engaging podcast series, Dr. McKibben delves deep into the intricate world of emotions and offers transformative insights into managing them effectively.

In each episode, Dr. McKibben guides listeners through powerful techniques and practical strategies based on neuroscience to help individuals navigate their emotions and improve their well-being. She emphasizes the importance of addressing feelings at their onset, focusing on the physical aspects rather than just cognitive responses.

Learn the groundbreaking self-help technique, Dropping to the Blank Screen, through the Feelings Management podcast and the companion book, Drop: Making Great Decisions. Dr. McKibben’s innovative and self-reliant methodology will help anyone who struggles with managing triggered feelings caused by internal and external emotional disruptors. You will learn to silence your critical voice, stop running from feelings, and speak up for yourself.

The Feelings Management podcast is your resource for mastering emotions, enhancing relationships, and transforming your life. Dr. Helen McKibbon addresses issues such as parenting during early child development, dating and attraction, getting better sleep, dealing with regret, resolving inner criticism, dealing with difficult people at work, and much more.

Join Dr. Helen McKibben as she guides listeners and guests on this enlightening journey to uncover the power of Feelings Management.

For more information on how to learn the Drop methodology read Drop: Making Great Decisions.