Drop: Making Great Decisions, Dr. Helen McKibben
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Making Great Decisions

Use Neuroscience to Retrain Your Brain and Make Better Life Choices

Your brain is already equipped with everything you need to identify and make excellent decisions for yourself. If only you’ll learn how to let it.

In Drop: Making Great Decisions, Dr. Helen McKibben teaches us how to use science to do just that. With over 35 years of experience as a seasoned clinical therapist specializing in techniques using neuroscience, Dr. McKibben’s approach combines the study of the body, the brain, and the interaction between emotion and memory. Drop: Making Great Decisions draws on her research to help us tap into the biomechanics of emotions, resolve triggered feelings, and make better life choices.

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May 2024

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Drop: Making Great Decisions is filled with interviews that illustrate how real people have applied this method to their lives. This book can help if you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • Why do I have so much self-doubt and anxiety?
  • Can I silence my critical inner voice?
  • How can I cultivate positive self-esteem?
  • How do I manage my addiction and stop abusing substances?
  • How do I overcome my eating disorder?
  • What are the secrets to falling asleep faster and getting better sleep?
  • How can I deal with difficult, disruptive, and toxic people?
  • How do I model high self-esteem and healthy emotional regulation for my child?
  • Why do I keep attracting toxic or manipulative partners?
  • What is the best way to achieve optimal, mental athletic performance?

Dr. McKibben guides us through her revolutionary and innovative self-help technique of dropping to the blank screen to learn how to manage triggered feelings and to understand why we feel the way we do. By monitoring neuromuscular signals that indicate unconscious triggered emotions, we can work with the brain rather than against it. Dr. McKibben teaches us a practical, self-reliant method to retrain our brains and change our responses to life’s stressors.

Learn to use neuroscience to activate the brain in the way it is designed to work emotionally, and to change your brain’s response to yourself and other people.

You can use your emotional instincts to make great decisions. Trust your brain and set yourself up for self-reliance with Drop: Making Great Decisions.

Drop: Making Great Decisions


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“A comprehensive, essential, and effective guide for all who are striving to improve the quality of their lives in every dimension. I highly recommend Dr. McKibben’s new book!”

Dr. Anita Gadhia-Smith, bestselling author and 2013-2023 Best in Psychotherapy, Washington, DC, practicaltherapy.net

“During my three decades of collaborating with Dr. McKibben at my outpatient addiction rehabilitation program, my patients would often identify their sessions with her as having been a highlight of their entire treatment experience. I am very pleased that this book now makes her valuable clinical contributions available to a wider audience.”

George Kolodner, M.D.; Founder and Medical Director, Triple Track Treatment

“McKibben…imparts to her clients and readers an interdisciplinary methodology that combines emotion, intellect, and personal desire and determination. Her deft staging of multiple roles in her consultation is perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this work, revealing her as someone who understands and can convey the problematic situations that her clients must face. This in turn opens the way for them to assume roles that provide greater insight into their challenges. This ability on McKibben’s part…gives her written words broad scope, opening opportunities for discussion, contemplation, and a fresh following.”

Barbara Bamberger Scott on Goodreads

“The first self-help book I’ve found based on neuroscience that describes these processes in simple terms that anyone can understand.”

Carol Putnam, PhD on Goodreads

“Dropping to the blank screen is more than a simple relaxation or meditation technique. Dr. McKibben teaches us how to respond to people thoughtfully instead of just reacting…I have already started using this technique in communication with family members and friends. IT WORKS!!! There are many parts of the book that I will reread and study to use the method most effectively.”

Janette Fuller on Goodreads

“Dr. McKibben recognizes that utilizing her technique encourages readers to work through challenging situations by dropping frequently enough to learn to trust themselves and build genuine self-esteem. Through her clear and well-organized guide, readers can retrain their brains to make choices that bring greater satisfaction.”

Janice Airhart, SCBR

“Life-changing, powerful simplicity of how Dropping to a Blank Screen allows you to respond from your empowered self…it brings a powerful light to show lifelong patterns for what they truly are and gives the reader the tools to empower themselves. Dr. Helen’s description of self-esteem is groundbreaking…I’ve read countless books on dealing with difficult people, but none have shown the subtlety so clearly that I feel empowered to act in the moment from now on. Several of my life’s biggest struggles were clarified and unraveled. What a beautifully empowering book.”

AnnaMariah Nau on Goodreads

Dropping to the Blank Screen with Helen McKibben

About the Drop Technique

Dropping to the Blank Screen

Dropping to the Blank Screen is a method in Drop: Making Great Decisions designed for people to build self-esteem by learning to successfully process triggered feelings and to listen to those important words that surface after they have experienced the physiology of the feelings. The book teaches individuals to stay with those words long enough to retrieve and implement their own point of view.

If individuals do not complete the process of following through with making decisions from the words that come after going through triggered feelings, autonomic nervous system and neuromuscular relief will not be permanent and tensions and stress will remain, overwhelming the individual’s brain and emotions.