Learn a straightforward and effective method to help you trust your brain, resolve triggered emotions, and make great decisions.


Making Great Decisions

Use Neuroscience to Retrain Your Brain and Make Better Life Choices

Drop: Making Great Decisions offers a unique self-help technique that engages your brain, as-designed, to identify and use untapped emotional instincts. Empower yourself to listen to your own thoughts, feelings, and ideas to make excellent life choices. Stop running from your feelings and start living your best life now. Learn more…

“A comprehensive, essential, and effective guide for all who are striving to improve the quality of their lives in every dimension.”

Drop: Making Great Decisions, Dr. Helen McKibben

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Dr. Helen McKibben, Author and Therapist

Meet the Author

Dr. Helen McKibben, a seasoned clinical therapist with over 35 years of experience, is the creator of the innovative and unique self-help technique, Dropping to the Blank Screen, and author of Drop: Making Great Decisions. McKibben holds a doctorate in psychology, counseling licenses in multiple states, and national certification. She is passionate about neuroscience and the interaction between the brain and emotions. Learn more…